Why Taggled?

Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Start today by using Taggled to convert your existing videos into interactive a shoppable video experiences.

Revolutionary Shoppable Video Technology

Start selling products or services via shoppable video and track every video view through to an individual sale.

Create Interactive Videos

Making your videos interactive and shoppable enables your viewers to buy the products they are watching in your videos.

Know your ROI with E-Commerce Tools

Real-time analytics to quickly show you which videos are performing better and generating more sales on specific pages.

Automated Video Lead Generation

Re-target viewers who are watching longer and engaging more, with special offers for the products they are showing an interest in through your videos.

Increase E-Commerce Conversions

Drive more sales with shoppable video with viewers purchasing products they see in your content.

Monitor Video Marketing Effectiveness

Detailed viewer engagement reports will give you the visibility of knowing exactly how each person is watching your videos across your whole website.

In House Video Production Optimization

Easily keep your videos relevant and on message with the rest of your website post-production, with Taggled's easy to use drag & drop self-service user interface.

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