Five Brands Doing Social Video Right (And What We Can Learn)

I love a good story, don't you? From sitting around campfires to scrolling through your newsfeed, our brains need stories to connect to the world around us. Today, brands are telling visual stories to sell t...

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Where To Start When Creating a Video Marketing Strategy From Scratch

A former university instructor offered a lesson that remains top of mind with every project I start. There are six P’s to always remember: “Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Productions.” In o...

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What ‘Wonder Woman’ Teaches Us About Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Blockbuster season is here, and one movie already stands above the rest. Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman has already earned over $786 million at the box office, breaking records f...

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Shoppable Video in Under 60 Seconds

At TAGGLED we’ve always believed shoppable video should be accessible to all. Our shoppable video platform allows anyone to make a video interactive and shoppable in less time than it takes to boil a kettle! It’s a video commerce...

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Video Advertising 101: Strong Creatives

When you decide to include video advertising in your digital ad spend, remember strong creatives are a must - especially if you want to avoid ad blocking. Whether a 15 second or 30 second video, the goal is to get consumers to w...

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