The term video commerce is cropping up more and more. As digital marketers and e-commerce managers continue to embrace intelligent video marketing and are growing more accostumed with shoppable video, thoughts of video commerce are not far behind.

If you or your clients are putting money into video campaigns without providing interactive call-to-actions for viewers to easily navigate through to products or information, you're not fully utilising the true power of video marketing. You wouldn't have a website without clear calls to action so why would you not do the same with video? You need to provide a layer of interactivity for the viewer to reach a website with purchase / information gathering intent.

A true video commerce solution is one where consumers can click to buy products/services as and when they see them on screen, and where the video publisher can track the click-through to purchase rates on each and every video.

Taggled gives you the power to make your video content clickable and shoppable. The technology offers a video commerce solution that online retailers have been crying out for for years.

Consumers who watch a video made shoppable through Taggled can interact with the video, clicking on the products featured to find out more detailed information and to 'click to buy' if they so wish. Clear calls to action within the video, and the ability to include an attractive product stream below the video are going a long way to making video commerce extremely successful. This coupled with the fact a video made shoppable with Taggled can be viewed on Facebook and Twitter feeds are ensuring viewing numbers and interaction levels are enhanced.

Consumers trust for shoppable video is growing and business users have been seeing a click-through to purchase rate of well over 30%! Just check out our latest casestudies if you don't believe us.

Bridging the gap between video and commerce has never been more accessible. Within minutes a video can be made interactive and shoppable using Taggled's intuitive product tagging technology. The commerce optimised video can then be shared on websites and blogs, and across all social platforms for maximum exposure. Distribution and active promotion is key to video commerce success.

In addition to game-changing click-through rates, by employing a video commerce solution you'll also be increasing viewing times and engagement, gaining unique video statistics business users, and the ability to fully white label the video player to suit specific branding.

Taggled offer a self tagging video account option and a fully account managed business account where videos are transformed into video commerce magic. Intrigued? Contact us today for a tailored demo.


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By Ruth

As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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