20th November

The influx of Christmas themed ads and videos has begun. Christmas is the most profitable time of year for the majority of retailers around the world so it makes sense for businesses to put more money and creativity into their video campaigns.

From the emotive story telling videos lifestyle brands do so well to the temptingly decadent food videos from supermarkets and the sexy seasonal video offerings from womenswear brands - 'feelgood' videos is the name of the game and the end goal is to sell sell sell.

With shoppable video solutions more accessible than ever, to retailers of all sizes, businesses can now turn their festive video offerings into a truly exciting shoppable experience for consumers. Retailers are savvy enough to know a brilliant video that stirs the senses sometimes just isn't enough to get a final sale. One of the biggest obstacles? Having to leave the video to search for the specific product. If they're lucky they'll locate it in a few minutes but if not they could be left feeling frustrated and give up the search.

But giving the consumer the chance to click on product tags within the video as items are featured? That's giving consumers the information they want at their fingertips, allowing them to complete the purchase there and then. In the stressful run-up to Christmas being able to offer a seamless purchase process is what every good retailer strives to achieve.

And if this is the year you decide to go down the shoppable video route don't be mistaken and think the cost will be astronomic.

Taggled's shoppable video solution is one of the most affordable in the marketplace. Taggled's technology allows users to add interactive clickable products tags to their own video content through a simple drag and drop process. In a matter of minutes an online video can be transformed into a social shoppable entity. As the only Twitter Approved Shoppable Video Solution, Taggled's account holders can share their interactive video to the masses, enabling Twitters users to buy products from the video directly from a Twitter feed. The videos are also shoppable on Facebook and Google+.

With more and more consumers expected to buy Christmas presents online than ever before, are retailers fully taking advantage of purchasing intent? Providing a shoppable video experience capitalises on consumers ever-growing online shopping habits and their love of social media.

Breaking down the view to purchase barrier; making it easier than ever for consumers to buy what they see in videos doesn't have to be a distant dream this Christmas. With Taggled retailers will see a video view conversion rate of between 1-5%, and that's without the assistance of Santa's Little Helpers.

See how Insiders365 have Christmas all wrapped up for consumers. By using Taggled to create shoppable video content they are driving online sales like never before.

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By Ruth

As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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