3rd November

Retail giants aren't the only ones broadening their online video ventures in recent years, the travel and hospitality industry are also exploring ways in which they can capitalise on the growing consumption of online video.

With a recent report by Software Advice reporting 60% of travelers watch online videos about their destination it's no wonder travel bloggers, tourism companies and hotels are realising that they need to do more than produce traditional online videos if they want to stay ahead of the game and engage the viewing public.

Capitalise on Storytelling

One of the best things about online video is the storytelling capacity - which can be so much more powerful than still images. A great video is one that lures the viewer in - from the travel blogger who vlogs her action-packed adventure in Australia to the awarding winning restaurant in Mexico who creates a video showing you how to make the best burrito. But what good is fantastic storytelling if at the end of the video there is nowhere for the viewer to go and find out more? They can't book that skydiving session or reserve a table at the restaurant.

Create Calls to Action

A video about whale watching in Iceland, a boutique hotel in Dubai or the honeymoon of a lifetime in Bali, the amazing moments captured on video should do more than generate a 'wow' from viewers. Whether you are producing videos to market yourself, your business or your country, it's so important to have 'calls to action' within the video if you want to generate sales and exposure and increase your viewership.

Whether it's an interactive location tag which shows viewers exactly where in the world you are, or a website tag that people can click on to find out more about that art gallery you visited in London, all these interactive calls to action keep viewers engaged for longer, and increase their viewing satisfaction. In fact recent figures show that a video made interactive with Taggled increases viewer engagement by up to 20% more than with a regular video.

Make Money from your Content

With Taggled the travel and hospitality industry can accurately track the money made through each video by turning their videos into shoppable experiences.

With Taggled's technology they can drive viewers to specific products and services where they can buy that speciality chutney made in Scotland or book surf lessons for an upcoming holiday to California. Once viewers click on the tag for more information they can choose to click on a 'buy now' button to secure the purchase direct from the video. There will be no more search hassle for viewers who have watched your video, want to make a purchase, but don't know how to do so quickly and easily. You will be making the purchasing journey seamless.

Having calls to action added to the video is revolutionising the travel and hospitality industry. No longer can video be made purely for reputation building and information purposes, now they can truly be made into viable sales and marketing tools. Taggled is the only online interactive platform that can track video view to final purchase, seeing a video view conversion rate of between 1-5%. Now you can capture your true Return on Investment for each video campaign.

Check out the interactive LA holiday vlog below from Willow Lane.

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By Ian

Ian Scott is the Founder of TAGGLED, the interactive and shoppable video advertising platform which counts global brands and the world's top agencies as customers. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, TAGGLED was established in 2013 and disrupted the online video world from the get-go. How people watch and interact with online video content has changed dramatically in the past few years and TAGGLED were instrumental in helping brands drive video commerce for the first time ever.

Ian has over twenty years commercial experience in the software development industry. Having completed a post-graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Ulster in 1997 Ian went on to work for several successful technology firms as a Software Developer before founding his first company Lemma Solutions in 2006.

Ian has judged many business awards and has spoken on the topic of online video at events around the world. Ian helps advise new start-up companies when he can.

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