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Increase Sales by 15%

Using interactive video will easily navigate users to locate the products they are watching.

Maximize your ROI

Detailed analytics providing visibility of how your videos are performing to enable optimisation post-production.

Easy To Use

A self-service drag & drop editor to create your own shoppable videos in minutes.

How It Works?

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Your Video

We all have our preferred video hosting solution which could be YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or your own in-house platform. That is why Taggled can integrate with any 3rd party hosting platform so that you can keep all your videos in the same place and still benefit from interactive and shoppable video with Taggled. To increase your sales conversions and measure performance in real-time.

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Any 3rd Party video hosting
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Make It

Taggled's easy to use, drag & drop tag editor gives you full control to create the interactive experience that you desire for your viewers. Think of Taggled as a tool for converting your video player into a mini website enabling viewers to get additional product information, choose their own journey through the video, answer pop quizzes, enter their contact details or just watch the video as normal.

  • Product Overviews
  • User journeys
  • Data Capture Forms
  • Mobile Optimised
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Distribute To
Your Audience

To share your interactive video with the world you simple have to cut & paste a Taggled embed code or video link where you want people to watch it. Although remember "Video views is vanity, sales conversions is sanity", so distribute your videos where your customers expect to see them and they have your undivided attention. On average our partners see more than a 15% increase in sales and a 250% ROI by using Taggled videos on key landing pages from their existing visitors.

  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Networks
  • VPAID & Banner Ads
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Performance & ROI

Here at Taggled we are passionate about helping you get the best ROI from your video content, but to do that you need to be measuring how many sales your video is generating and not just the views. Now you can increase the performance & ROI by centrally controlling your video experience and analytics through Taggled. Enhancing your content post production and tailoring videos to harmonise with active campaigns or calendar events without the time restrictions and expense of recreating the video itself. With Taggled's performance enhancing tools for A/B testing and re-targeting engaged viewers with special offers you are always one step ahead and can see the sales rolling in.

  • Increase sales by 15%
  • A/B Testing
  • Track a viewer across all videos
  • Re-target engaged viewers

Do You Need Taggled?

I have videos

You can start using Taggled with your existing videos straight away.

I sell on-line

Selling on-line means we can help you track a video view through to an individual sale.

I want to increase my sales by 15%

Make it easy for viewers to buy the products they are watching in your videos.

I want to know my videos ROI

Real-time analytics to quickly show you which videos are generating more sales from what pages.

I want viewers to watch for longer

Taggled increases the amount of time people spend engaging with your brand as they interact with the clickable content.

I want to see how people react to my videos

Viewer engagement reports will show you exactly how each person is watching your videos across your whole website.

I want to re-target people who like my videos

Re-target viewers who watched and engaged more with your videos, with special offers for the products they were watching in your videos.

I want to keep my videos relevant

Easily keep your videos relevant and on message with the rest of your website post-production.

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