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STEP ONE – ADD A VIDEO  Once you are signed in, adding a video is simple. You can add your videos from many different locations such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Copy the URL of the video you would like to make shoppable.
Paste the video URL in the box under 'New Video.' When adding videos from YouTube you can also perform a search directly here on Taggled. If you do decide to perform a search we will show you what we think are the most relevant videos for your search.

Type your search query in the box under 'or search for a video.' Simply click on the video thumbnail you would like to add from the list that appears.
  STEP TWO – CHOOSE YOUR TAG TYPE Taggled has two different tag types. The Standard tag, which is used by default and the FlexiTag, which is available to upgraded users.

The drop down menu under your display picture has an option labelled ‘settings, this will bring you to your global account settings.
On the left pane you will see video tab settings. This allows you to choose your settings for all new videos you add to the platform. To enable Flexi-tag to be automatically activated, select 'Player settings'.

This will open up the global player settings, from here simply turn the switch on/off for the features you wish to be automatically activated. STANDARD TAG 
If you would like to use the standard tag, you can proceed to 'step three' as the standard tag is enabled by default.

To enable FlexiTags: 1. In the video editor, select the 'Tags' tab.
2. You will see a drop down menu labelled ‘FlexiTags’ with three options: -
Inherit – FlexiTags will be enabled/disabled in relation to the global settings your account has.
Yes – This will enable FlexiTags for the particular video.
No – This will disable FlexiTags for the particular video.
3. If you would like to go back to using the Standard Tag, ensure the FlexiTag option is set to 'no'.
You can add as many tags as you like to your video and the types of tags you add are totally up to you.

The tag options are 'Gallery', 'Information', 'Maps', 'Music', 'Social Media', 'Products' and 'Websites'.


1. Select 'Products' from the menu 2. Copy and paste the product URL into the designated space and additional information like the image url, product title and product description will pull through. These can be changed manually if you would like to amend any of the information. On occasion you may find that the website the product has been taken from does not automatically allow Taggled to pull the extra information through. To make life easier for viewers and get the most out of tagging, we recommend that you copy and paste an image URL, type in a short title and write in a brief description of the product.

TOP TIP! When adding a product tag make the tag name a call to action, such as “Buy Aussie Miracle Shampoo”.

You can tag a social media account for a person/company/group with a social media tag, linking to a specific Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account.

1. Select the 'Social Media' option from the tagging list. If you know the persons Twitter account name add this first, we will then find out their name and get a picture for them with no extra effort by you. You can then add links to their Facebook or linked in. When adding a Facebook account, please ensure that you use the full profile link for example: http://facebook.com/username

Whether you want to link to an online clothes store, a wikipedia page or a personal blog, or even another video, the website tag is perfect for linking to specific webpages within the video.

1. To add a website tag select the 'Website' option from the tagging list. 2. Copy and paste the website URL into the designated space and you'll see additional information pulled through from the website, including an image URL and description. If this does not automatically happen then copy and paste an appropriate image URL and a short description manually.

Sometimes you may want to tell viewers where the video is filmed, whether it be at a luxurious five star hotel in Italy or a surf shop in California. When you add a location Taggled pulls through an interactive Google map for your viewers.

1. Select the 'Maps' option from the tagging list. You can now search for the location you want to add. You can change the zoom levels and coordinates of the location either manually or by interacting with the map.

If music is featured in your video then you may want to add a music tag, linking to where the track can be purchased from the iTunes store. Whether you've used a backing track or are featuring live music, adding a music tag can be a fun thing to do.

1. Add music tags by selecting the 'Music' option from the tagging list.
2.Type in the name of the artist and song title. Taggled will search ITunes for you and additional information will be pulled through.

On occasion you might want to display a little prompt in the video or a sub-title. You can do this with the information tag. The information tag does not open a light box when clicked and therefore is useful for displaying messages on screen. To add information tags select the 'Information' option from the tagging list. Simply enter whatever text you would like displayed. If you have FlexiTags enabled, the information tag will be displayed as a purple ‘i’, and like all FlexiTags this can be customised with your own image.
  STEP FOUR – EDITING A TAG To make changes to your tag, simply click on any of the product thumbnails to the right-hand-side of the video. EDITING A STANDARD TAG 
If you are using standard tags a box will open up like below.

1. This tab allows you to edit information such as the name and description.
2. You can modify how the tag appears in the video by changing the colour, text style and tag icon in this area.

If you are using a Flexi-Tag you have more options available.

1. You can change how the Tag appears on the video by uploading an image using the dropdown menu.
2. You can select a secondary hover image that will change when the viewer has their cursor over it by using the 2nd drop down menu.
3. You can make your tags animate when entering /leaving the screen and choose the duration of the animation.

Top Tip! Make sure to check the images for your product tags are high resolution images so each product is seen in the best way possible.
  STEP FIVE – REVIEW THE VIDEO Now that your video is complete with tags and fully interactive, it's time to review your work and make sure everything looks the way it should.

Just like you would re-read a piece of text you've written, you'll want to review your video and make sure all the tags look the way you want them to.

1. The ‘Preview Video' option above the video will allow you to watch the video as a viewer would see it. If you watch the video and are not happy with tag placement or tag timings, you can manipulate these using the Tag Timeline below the video. If you'd like to make the tags shorter or longer in length then simply extend or retract the tags in the timeline using your mouse. The timeline can also be used to move the tags above and below one another. To change the positioning of the tags simply move the tags within the video using your mouse.

To alter the title, description and privacy settings of the videos go to the 'Video Information' tab below the video. Top Tip! Make sure to check the images for your product tags are high resolution images so each product is seen in the best way possible.
 STEP SIX – SHARE THE VIDEO Once you are completely happy with your tagged video, it's time to share it out to the masses.

Select 'Share' and copy and paste the embed code to embed it into a website or blog. There are a number of embed options so take advantage of these. 2. You can share directly to social media by selecting the logo of the platform you want to share it on.
3. You can also use the link to share on other platforms or send directly to people in emails etc.
4. This is your embed code. Copy and paste this to embed it onto a website or blog and allow your readers to use your interactive video.
Top Tip! If your video is product orientated then be sure to embed your video with a product stream as this will drive sales considerably.

REMEMBER! If you've uploaded your video to Taggled from Youtube be assured that views via the Taggled player are included in your Youtube views.