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A new way to grow revenue from video

Sanoma Media, one of the largest media company's in Europe with a portfolio of publishers that includes Marie Claire, Fashionista and National Geographic, are using Taggled.tv to bridge the gap between video content and commerce.

Keen to push their extensive video production efforts up a level, Sanoma are using Taggled's unique video tagging technology to make their videos highly interactive and shoppable. By monetizing video content Taggled are providing the tools necessary for Sanoma to tap into a growing revenue stream.

Viewers can explore and shop video content instantly thanks to clickable tags placed within the video, and a virtual product stream below the video. Whether on a publishers website or social media feed, a desktop or mobile device, viewers can enjoy the benefits of fully interactive video.

So far in 2015, Sanoma's interactive videos have seen an astonishing 45% average click through rate.

To be able to add depth to the videos we produce and offer viewers a more interactive and rewarding video viewing experience is something we've wanted to do for a long time. Partnering with Taggled is going a long way to support Sanoma's digital evolution – to constantly innovate and to invest in growth, digital services, lead generation and content.

Taggled's tool is far reaching - not only can we add product tags within video and create a shoppable experience which will allow us to increase consumer sales, but we can add music tags, location tags and even people tags. 

To have detailed video analytics at our fingertips is also a huge bonus and a big reason why we are using Taggled. Going forward we want to know exactly how our videos are performing, the level of interaction they receive and the revenue generated from them.

Sjoerd Westendorp, Manager ZIE.nl at Sanoma Media