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Join the brands using shoppable video...for just £99/mo

Get your summer video campaigns off to the best and most profitable start by signing up to the Taggled Video Commerce License from just £99 per month.

Have you invested in video content that could be made shoppable and distributed to a variety of publishers and bloggers? Advertisers can now take a proactive approach to driving sales from video content for as little as £99 a month.

What will £99 get you?

- the ability to transform regular video content into interactive, shoppable content that will increase traffic to your site & boost online sales.

- a customised video player that will match your branding branding & give a professional finish.

- indepth video performance statistics, including conversion rates, so you know your true ROI.

- access to a publisher distribution network to increase your video views.

Contact us today to avail of this offer.
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About the author

As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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