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'Twas the Friday before Websummit
'Twas the Friday before Web Summit and all throughout twitter,
all the techies and smarties were all of a chitter.
The iphones and androids were charging with care,
to ensure they had access to their followers when they got there.

The start ups and investors were all doing their prep,
not just their pitches, but their Dame Lane dance step.
With Paddy and the team under serious stress,
to ensure we're all happy – the attendees and press.

When out on the internet there rose a great clatter,
The Food Summit announcement- free food on a platter!
And on the Web Summit Blog which drew large attention,
to all the fantastic bands and events' information.

With the weather causing us all a dilemma,
the Weatherman advises you bring an umbrella.
But don't let the weather ruin your trip,
get talking and listening, and enjoy a good Sip!

With the Web Summit team organising parties and speakers,
to ensure you don't miss out, keep open your peepers!
But Paddy and the gang have designed a great Schedule,
it will help you see it all, and not a pitiful fool!

Now Tony, Now Padmasree, now Mikkel and Gary,
On Jennifer, on Baratunde, on Shakil and Cindy!
To the top of the stage, to the top of the Hall,
Then to the bar, to the bar, to the bar one and all!

So to Dublin we all go, by train, plane or car,
Travelling alone or together, from near and from far.
Taggled will be there to blow our own Trumpet
and we'd like to wish all the attendees a great and successful Web Summit!

We will be down in Dublin from Tuesday next week, so be sure to get in contact if you'd like to meet up! We will be at Exhibit Stand 546 on Thursday (see below) so come and see us there!

Or grab us for a chat if you see us in our Taggled Tees! Don't be Shy!

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