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Why More Bloggers are Becoming Vloggers

More and more bloggers are venturing into online video as a way to increase audience engagement and grow their online following. The days of being either a blogger or vlogger are pretty much gone. Now people are more likely to straddle both classifications in an effort to stand out from the multitude of other online social influencers.

Just as there are vloggers who want to branch out from doing purely video by setting up with their own blog/website, bloggers want to be seen engaging with their audience in a more 'real' way. These highly sought after content providers are turning to vlogging to build their following by chatting naturally to people about various topics - whether that's fashion and beauty, gaming, travel or being a parent.

We're now seeing more and more up and coming bloggers turning to videos in an effort to expand their following, grow their social influence, and make more money from their online efforts. They see the likes of Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Jim Chapman and Kandee Johnson becoming famous and making a lot of money through their online presence. And they want a slice of the pie! But this is by no means their only motivation to vlog. Another creative outlet and getting to grips with the technicalities of filming and editing is also a driving force.

Some of the biggest vloggers are so in demand they command thousands of pounds/dollars for one-off product mentions and collaborations. Many have even crossed over into TV presenting rather seamlessly. They are the modern day celebrities who young people look up to and want to emulate. So it would appear if you want to make a living online - producing video content is the way to go to.

Indeed video views are growing exponentially - with online video viewers expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2016. Added to this the fact that videos are shared on social media sites way more than text content, it does make sense for bloggers to branch out and add 'video creator' to their resume.

But what else can new vloggers do to get noticed in the ever growing world of online video and video creators? How can they attract more viewers and get approached by big name brands and agencies?

Many are turning to the latest in online video technology to differentiate themselves. Taggled.tv are seeing more video bloggers than ever sign up for a video account to transform their regular Youtube and Vimeo videos into interactive and shoppable pieces of video content. In particular, fashion and beauty vloggers have been using Taggled's technology to add clickable product tags to their videos to enhance video engagement and drive sales through video.

Taggled's Founder Ian Scott comments:

“For many vloggers the likes of lookbook and haul videos can be made shoppable for fans, allowing vloggers to earn money on products purchased directly from their video. Taggled work on a CPA basis for their blogger sign-ups. We already know vloggers are hugely influential when it come to their fans purchasing decisions. Now they can take control of sales made through their video for the first time ever.

And viewers are proving receptive, with an average click-through rate of 37.5% for interactive tags on a TAGGLED shoppable video (versus 0.74% average click-through-rate for a rich media video ad). There is a startling difference between rich media video ads and interactive product tags CTR's. This comes down to relevant contextual information that is related directly to video content. If consumers are interested enough in the video content, they're much more likely to click through to find out further information on a brands website.”

And the big brands/agencies are taking heed of the growing trend for shoppable video and the commercially savvy vlogger. Shoppable video collaborations between brands and vloggers is on the up-and-up, benefiting both parties significantly.
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About the author

As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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