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Leading Fashion Search Engine 'ShopStyle' Partners with TAGGLED to Provide a Shoppable Video Experience to the Masses

Building on its hugely successful fashion search engine platform, US company ShopStyle, the leading global digital fashion shopping platform, has partnered with video technology company Taggled to offer a groundbreaking shoppable video experience for their customers.

Seeking to capitalize on ShopStyle’s worldwide reach (172 million annual visits) and unique blogger affiliate program (10,000-plus blogger partners), the company worked in partnership with UK-based Taggled to create a bespoke solution that will provide ShopStyle’s customers and partners with a streamlined process to purchase directly from videos and allow ShopStyle to remain at the forefront of online fashion technology and ecommerce.

Taggled's interactive video tagging technology will integrate into ShopStyle’s ShopSense affiliate program, where ShopStyle’s extensive fashion and beauty video blogging community can use the tool to add clickable tags to their product-orientated videos — from makeup tutorial videos to shopping-haul vlogs. This will not only increase sales for participating retailers on ShopStyle but also benefit publishers by monetising publisher video content.

The partnership was fueled by a joint recognition that more online players need to start bridging the gap between online video and ecommerce. Taggled’s customisable video solution allows users to break down the view-to-purchase barrier, making it easier than ever for consumers to buy what they see in video.

“We are extremely excited to start using Taggled's technology over the next few months and offering this unique value proposition to our network. ShopStyle is passionate about the digital landscape, and we want our vloggers and viewers to experience the best when it comes to online video and online shopping,” said Melissa Davis, Executive Vice President of ShopStyle.

Recently published Cisco forecasts suggest that the number of online video users is expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2016. Taggled founder Ian Scott added, “With online video views continuing to grow exponentially and 80 percent of consumers more likely to buy a product they see featured in a video, ShopStyle knows that offering captivated viewers the chance to purchase direct from video is the way forward. Providing a truly shoppable video experience will not only drive sales to ecommerce sites but massively increase viewer engagement and consumer satisfaction.”

“Taggled is enabling businesses to monetise videos through the tagging of products in video content, and we're seeing a video view conversion rate between 1 and 5 percent. We are delighted that ShopStyle is the first online global publishing platform to integrate with our technology in this way, proving yet again it’s a pioneer in the fashion and ecommerce industry.”
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As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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