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Why Adding Depth to Online Videos is Key to Video Marketing Success

In order to get the views and wide reach you want from your online videos, depth is needed for your video content.

It's easy to see why video bloggers are doing so well, gaining millions of views per video. Their personality and genuine love for what they do is palpapable through the videos. They treat their viewers like long-distance friends, luring them into their world with casual chitchat, informative product reviews, 'how-to' tutorials and silly pranks. Sometimes they share their worries and hard times with you but mostly they are there to inject some light-hearted fun and energy into your life and we love them for it. We feel a connection with them which is why we return time and time again to watch their videos.

For many Video Bloggers they have turned their passion into an impressive money-making machine. Indeed vloggers at the top of their game could teach businesses a thing or two about adding depth to their videos.

Whilst some big brands are maestros at story-telling, many struggle to produce online video that truly engages and drives sales. Their focus is too much on video marketing breadth rather than video marketing depth. More thought needs to go into how they can fight for viewers attention and achieve an impressive Return on Investment on their video marketing efforts.

One thing business are doing to bring depth to video and build a connection with consumers is adding clickable information tags to their videos. From product tags to music tags, place tags to people tags, businesses can make their videos truly interactive and engaging for viewers, not to mention providing a shoppable experience.

Statistics from Taggled.tv show that viewers are up to 20 times more engaged watching a video with tags than they are with a regular non-interactive video. Taggled also report an impressive Video View Converstion Rate of between 1-5%.

Tags in video allow for exploration and discovery. Viewers can click on tags to find out about a person or product featured instantaneously without having to leave the video and undertake a separate search.

When a business wants their videos to increase sales and boost revenues, contextualising video through tags is a fantastic way to engage viewers and persuade them to purchase products/services direct from the video. With tags you're giving viewers the extra information they want when they want it.

Allowing viewers to explore the video content and truly interact with it is an empowering experience and one they are unlikely to forget in a hurry. A viewer who feels in control of their viewing experience and enjoyment is one that will click the product tag and go all the way to the e-commerce cart to purchase it.
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