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Summer Vloggin'

Do you find the brighter, warmer days of summer give you more of a spring in your step and make you more productive?

It certainly seems to be the case for the tens of thousands of video bloggers (vloggers).

More than ever people are picking up a camera and choosing to document their day, their travels and experiences. And now that summer has hit, there are more vloggers popping up than ever. This probably has a lot to do with being able to venture outside more thanks to better weather and having time off from school/college/work.

Summer is the time for holidays, road trips, festivals and general outdoor adventure and fun. And what better way to convey what an amazing time you're having doing all these things than filming it on camera? Viewers get a real sense of what you were doing and what you experienced by seeing it on video rather than scrolling through pictures.

For sure vlogging is a great way to connect with people and build a presence online for yourself. More than simply blogging, vlogging gives people a good idea of who you are, how you behave, and what drives you. This is why more bloggers than ever are turning to the medium of video to grow their audiences, engage more with followers and add a bit of variety to their mainly written content.

From vlogging your time on holiday to doing a vlog about a new business venture, sometimes it's easier to get across what amazing travel experiences you had or how much your new business venture means to you on camera. Whereas text can be misconstrued, it is unlikely you will be misunderstood when speaking in your own words.

And with the ability to add clickable links to you video, you can give viewers more information about you and your life - from letting them know where in the world your vlogging from through an interactive map tag, to a link driving them to your website. Growing your online audience and keeping your viewers engaged for longer this summer has never been easier!

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About the author

As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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