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More Videos Please! Since launch we have had the ability for you to grab your videos from YouTube and then send them our way for you to go ahead and tag! We quickly followed up with the ability to upload your own videos straight from your own desktop computer.

Today we have doubled the methods of getting your videos onto Taggled making it easier than ever! The first way which we are most excited about is our new Instagram video upload. Before you would create an inspiring video on Instagram and if you wanted to be able to show your friends the location you were filming, or even the clothes you were wearing you would be stuck. But not any more! Simply click on the video you want to upload watch a few seconds just to make sure it is the video you want to tag and then hit the upload button!

The second upload method we introduced was the ability to add videos from your Dropbox account. We know your not always on the same computer when recording videos, you may even be on your mobile phone! Well with the upload from Dropbox you can now upload all your videos from all your different computers!

We're forever trying to make Taggled easier for you to use, if you have any ideas leave us some feedback or a comment and we will take it on-board!
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