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Changes ahoy! We have been working hard behind the scenes here at Taggled recently to bring aboard many new changes to the site, which we have put live today! One of the first new changes you are most likely to be seeing is our new home page. We took some time to go over what we thought would make a more appealing home landing page and the results of us cracking our heads together is now online! The most noticeable change would be how it is now simplified with a lot less text! We realised it would be much better just to give new people the highlights of why Taggled is great instead of giving them an essay! Overall we think this new home page is great, but we would like to hear what you guys think so leave some feedback anyway!

The next biggest change that we would like to bring to your attention is our new and much improved Taggled player. We went back to the drawing board and totally redesigned what we had previously. The new player is now much more optimised and should run faster than the previous player even with all of its new features.

One of the features that we like most about the new player is the in-line card view of tags. Before you would click a tag and then automatically get redirected to the website without even knowing if that's where you wanted to end up. Now when you click a tag a new card popup displays all sorts of new information such as images and descriptions about the tag. From this card view we have given you the ability to have conversations about what your seeing and love the tag without even leaving the player, which in our eyes is a major improvement!

We are currently in the process of making it easier to get Taggled in more places. We recently launched a new Facebook app which allows anyone who is the admin of a Facebook page to add videos to the wall. Our embeddable code allows you post videos to your own website, Tumblr and many other places, all of which we are trying to make the embedding process even easier!

The new video player is officially in a beta stage, so if you notice something not quite right feel free to send us across a message!
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