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A new look Taggled Here at Taggled HQ we've been working our little butts off. We're constantly looking to improve and make our unique tagging tool as easy and quick to use as possible and our hard work is paying off. More people than ever are signing up to add interactive tags to their videos in an effort to increase engagement and make money from their efforts.

Our Taggled player is now faster and more user friendly than ever. And with a new design, it's looking sleeker than ever too.

Our main motivation from the beginning of Taggled is to help video creators like bloggers enhance their videos and make money from their passion. We want to make it as easy and straight-forward as possible for people to add interactive tags to their video - from product tags and people tags, to place tags and music tags. We know that adding this interactive layer to videos will keep viewers interested for longer. And to make sure our Tagglers are making as much money as they can from the different product tags they include in their videos, we've increased the number of affiliates we're working with to over 18,000! From high street fashion brands to health food companies and auto parts and accessories, we've got you covered.

And we haven't stopped there. With the addition of a fantastic new video analytics section, users can see how their videos are performing, the engagement level they are at and the number of views they are getting. We are giving you tons of extra stuff to help you be the best video creator you can be. We're pretty nice like that.

Not a Taggler? Sign up now and start tagging your videos.
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About the author

As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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