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Flexing your vlogging muscles
Carolyn of Forever Scarlet

If you're a vlogger how much do you like to challenge yourself? Whether it's thinking of new and interesting content to talk about and share or changing up your video editing, sometimes it's good to try something new.

You're changes don't have to be ground-breaking to have an impact. If you're someone who only vlogs in your bedroom why not take your vlogging outside and give your viewers a different peek into your world? If you only vlog by yourself have you ever thought of featuring friends and family in your vlogs? These simple changes can allow you to connect more with your existing viewers and pull in a new audience.

If you've become a regular vlogger have you thought about changing your filming equipment? If you film using your phone maybe it's time to upgrade to a digital slr and improve the visual quality of your vlogs.

When it comes to editing your vlog have you been following the same process for a while? It might be time to freshen things up and try a new editing programme. If you use a relatively simple editing tool like Windows Movie Maker maybe it's time to tackle Adobe Premier. With more options to edit your vlogs, such as adjusting colour settings and sleeker fade in and outs you might end up offering more professional looking videos.

It's always good to push yourself and not get stuck in a vlogging rut. If you're keen to increase the number of fans you have and get people talking about your videos more, then it may be time to shake things up a bit. But don't overwhelm yourself. Small changes can make a big impact. It could be something as simple as starting to write down ideas for new content and asking your social media followers what sort of videos they would like to see. A little pre-planning and idea generation with you target demographic can be all you need to flex your vlogging muscles and get inspired to challenge yourself.

Just as it's important to keep your viewers interested and coming back again and again to watch your videos, it is just as vital to keep yourself interested and motivated. Viewers will note your enthusiasm and passion.

Happy vlogging!

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About the author

As a lifestyle blogger and video creator in her own right, Ruth was tagging her videos even before she got the job as Marketing Manager! Ruth likes to keep her schedule pretty packed and you'll often find her plotting her next getaway.

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