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My Vlogging Journey - Guest Post
Watch Sera's latest Taggled video.

My Vlogging Jouney, I feel is just in it's beginnings. At 29 years of age I decided to take the plunge and start really investing some time and effort into vlogging. In my eyes, it makes sense. It's a chance to reach out further and broaden readership. In all honesty, it frightens me. Being in front of a video camera is not something I ever envisioned myself doing though, at the same time, I'm excited to explore this new blogging avenue.

Though I may be relatively new to vlogging as opposed to writing my thoughts or using picture tutorials, I have watched my fair share of beauty and fashion bloggers do their thang and I've found vlogs a useful source of information. Not least how to clip in hair extensions correctly. You can literally find tutorials on anything, you can listen to you favourite bloggers tell you about their budget buys, what products to stay away from, you can learn how to perfect your smokey eye look and how to style a scarf a gazillion different ways.

My decision to turn vlogger was inspired and spurred by many of my own favourite bloggers. Lifestyle, fashion and beauty alike. It became a goal.

I also thought it may just bring me out of my shell a little more. This move also gave me the chance to jump on board a rising star platform (in my eyes). Taggled is such a smart concept and the idea that readers / watchers are able to click through as a product is mentioned and the tag shows up on screen, makes great shopping sense.

I've just finished editing my latest vlog and although it hasn't become like second nature to me yet, I'm at least becoming confident enough to post the videos! You wouldn't believe how many don't make it!

Read Sera's blog The Agoraphobic Fashionista.

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