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Feedback Welcome Feedback here at Taggled is always welcome. We are trying to build an application that you would like to use and come back to on a regular basis. You can submit feedback at http://taggled.tv/settings/feedback/ you must be logged into the site to submit though. We cant always guarantee that we will be able to reply to each and every piece of feedback we get, however it will be duely noted.

A good example of us listening to the feedback we are getting from our users would be our newly launched feed design. Many of the complaints that we were getting was that it was too cluttered with too much going on distracting many people from what we want to show them and they wanted to see. Therefore we have simplified a lot of the design showing what everyone agreed was the minimal amount of information we could show.

On the tag designs we aimed to remove everything to just show a picture of the tag. What is left is what the team agreed was the minimal amount we could show. Orignally there was text telling you what the tag was, it was next to the image and on occasion could look out of place and quite bunched up. A picture however is worth a thousand words and the text is now gone! When you find something of interest to you just hover over the tag and you will see a lot more information, if your on a touch device just touch the screen, the same goes for the videos as well.

We hope you like the new feed design there may be a couple of issues with it but we will be getting them ironed out over the next few days and as always feedback is welcome!
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