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Why NMX Rocked! You may or may not have been aware that Myself (Catherine) and Ian (Taggled's Founder) were over in Las Vegas last week for NMX. We headed over to exhibit have had a great experience with the Blogworld team who had organised TBEX in Dublin in October 2013.

We had a fantastic time and wanted to outline just why the event was so great!

1.Everyone is equal!

We've all been to the events where speakers, attendees and exhibitors are all kept very separate. You have to have paid the big bucks or work for the really big guys to sit down and have a chat with the massive names that speak at the event. And even then, you can get a 5 minute block were you are given a list of things you can not talk about!
Not at NMX! Everyone is equal. Although your ticket may not get you into every drinks reception, or get you a free breakfast, you are able to grab the top speakers as you wander through the corridors, or have lunch with them in the main hall. Nobody felt pressured to speak to you and no one was out of reach. Being able to meet Chris Brogan was a high for me, especially seeing him geek out whilst meeting Greg Benson.

Which leads me on to…

2. You can meet those who inspire you

As I was standing at one of the receptions at NMX I was introduced to another Irish Attendee (more on that later) when I was introduce to a guy call Jeff. He handed me his card and, I am not ashamed to admit it, I sqweed! I totally fangirled out! For those not aware the person I met was Jeff Burns creator of Super Knocked-up one of my favourite web series. Jeff enjoyed my response so much he had to get a picture taken with me!

3. It gets more eyes on your site

Back to the business side, whilst we were in Las Vegas at NMX, our views on the website increased fantastically. In fact our numbers in America went up 130%+ over the 7 days we were there. We also saw our numbers increase with active users. The vast rarer of attendees at NMX meant we were able to get a new perspective on where Taggled could go. So many of the amazing Web series creators came to see us and had some incredible ideas of were they could see themselves using Taggled. We are really looking forward to seeing this experimentation!

4. They know how to organise an event!

Over many conversations over the week the number of times I heard "this is the best organised conference I have ever been to" is uncountable. Everything went so smoothly - even overcoming quite a few speakers and attendees being stuck on the east coast due to the crazy winter weather! Not only did they filled as many spaces as they could, they filled them with quality content, not just filler!

5. *That* Keynote

Ok so we didn't make the Marshal Sylver Keynote, and I still haven't built myself up to watching it online yet, but the way it was handled was fantastic. Every response I have heard/read was one of disbelief, shock and quite a bit of hilarity. The fact that Rick was man enough to face it publicly made all the difference.

6. All the learning

Probably what most people will have left NMX with is a whole lot of knowledge that they either didn't have before they arrived or at the very least left with confirmation of what they thought they knew. We didn't get to as many talks as we would have liked but what we did leave with was some really key directions!

7.the IAWTV Awards and the Red Carpet

It was absolutely amazing being included for the Red Carpet at the IAWTV awards. It was such a buzz walking down in front of the lights and being able to tell everyone about our Big News.

Photo by Brenda White

8. The people

We learned lots, did lots of business, even partied whilst at NMX but the best thing about NMX is the people!

Picture by Nicole

We had such a fantastic time and made great friends! Everyone from the lovely Melissa and her lovely husband Josh,with her wonderful Canadian hugs to the incredibly talented Marie Caffrey from the Award winning Cuckoo, who we were introduced to as the "other irish person here!".
The team behind NMX are incredible and we want to thank them all for making it such an enjoyable and fruitful event! Looking forward to NMX 2015!
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