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advertising platform with a global reach for the modern digital company.

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Create intuitive shoppable video experiences for viewers using our clever video tagging technology. Drive engagement and purchasing intent with TAGGLED.

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Use & share shoppable videos from brands for a lucrative way to earn money. Increase audience engagement & get paid for every video view with TAGGLED.

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Mutually benefiting both brands and publishers.
And the stats don't lie...

80% 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a brand video.
25% 25% is the average click-through to purchase rate on a TAGGLED shoppable video.
15% Web pages which feature shoppable video content get 15% more engagement than plain text & images.
30,000+ Our reach is global and we work with a wide breadth of Publishers.
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ADVERTISERS: SHOPPABLE VIDEO ADVERTISING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Create & share shoppable videos to capture highly engaged consumers, & benefit from advance video distribution.
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Increase viewers attention span by up to 20% with interactive video content.

Reach a whole new audience through VPAID & display advertising options.

Promote purchasing intent & drive viewers directly to your online product or service with just one click.

Enjoy full control with campaign driven ad opportunities.
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"ShopStyle are extremely excited to start using Taggled's technology...we want our vloggers and viewers to experience the best when it comes to online video and online shopping." "Partnering with Taggled is going a long way to support Sanoma's digital evolution" "Taggled represents a unique offering for Wix users as it's the only app that enables clickable product tags within video."
Melissa Davis Executive Vice President of ShopStyle
Sjoerd Westendorp Manager at Sanoma Media
Eric Mason Director of Communications at Wix
PUBLISHERS: BOOST YOUR EARNINGS WITH SHOPPABLE VIDEO Embed shoppable brand videos on your website/blog and share across social media. Get paid for every view.
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Work with top name brands on their video campaigns and get paid per video view.

Increase time spent on your site by over 15% with shoppable video content.

Select from fresh video content every day to feature in your main articles, on your side bar or across social media.

Join the global list of Publishers we work with & start monetizing with video content.
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